Dance me: make people in the pictures dance like crazy!!

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Dance Me is a fantastic app that can make your photo dance like crazy.

dance me dance me

Choose a picture, draw the outline of the figure, choose moving points and touch your iPhone screen to make your picture dance!

Dance Me

Watch the video of Dance me.

Let’s turn on the app. Tap on “Create”. You can then upload pictures from your photo album or from your camera.

dance me dance me

This time, I’m going to use one of the sample pictures from this app.

I’ll use a traffic sign!

dance me dance me

First, trace the outline of the figure with your finger.

dance me dance me

Then, set a control point on the body of the figure. These points are the places where it’ll move to the beat. You can set up to 10 control points in a figure.

dance me dance me

and last, touch and move the figure the way you like to make it dance. After few seconds, the picture will start dancing itself.
Hmm…it’s hard to describe. Watch the video and you’ll understand!

dance me dance me

dance me

You can save your dancing pictures.

You can even send it to your email as a video.

I tried several other sample pictures. Wow!

dance me dance me

dance me

It’s really dancing.

Isn’t it amazing?

I think it’s a great app.

dance me

You can save as many pictures as you want.

Once it’s saved, you can look at your creations anytime.

Dance Me

[source: Dance Me]




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