photo tracer

There’s an app to trace over photos to draw pictures.
Here’s Photo Tracer – iPad Edition!

When you turn on the app, choose a picture. Trace over the photo using the pen tools and in the end the photo will disappear and your illustration will remain. That’s the concept of this app, but it’s quite fun!! Let’s move on to the review!


Launch the app and choose a picture from the camera icon on the bottom left.
Then the picture will appear in the background.

photo tracer

Use the pen tools and trace over the photo.
I’m doing good up until now!
It’s good, calm down. Calm down, me!

photo tracer

You can adjust the picture transparency too.
I’ll check first with the picture clear.
It’s not bad right?

photo tracer

Now I’ll check it without the background.

Uhhhh,.,, it wasn’t supposed to be like this….
It’s kind of weird…..

photo tracer

Once you finish you can send it by email.
Uhhhh yeahhh….
I think I’ll just pretend it never happened.

I couldn’t draw well because the model was too good.

photo tracer

I’ll use a picture of myself when I was little now.


photo tracer

hahaha this is no good!

photo tracer

The tools are helpful but the person who draws the picture is very important too.
Well, you can say that to anything actually.

I personally enjoyed this app. When I saw this picture I burst out of laughter.

This app works only on portrait mode, but for some reason the bar that displays the clock and antenna stays as it is on landscape mode. I also thought the pen tools could be better. So there are few things that are disappointing.

But the idea is fun!
It’s a good app!!


[source: [iPad] Photo Tracer – iPad Edition]




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