Any Mark Any Mark

Watermark is usually an image or a text that is added to a picture in order to clarify the copyright of the picture. It is also to prevent others to use the picture freely, and is commonly used on press photos. And here’s an app that’ll help you add watermarks on pictures, Any Mark. Other than the pre-registered 25 stamps, you can also add your original text as a watermark. It’s not only good for clarifying the source of the picture, but also to make a joke picture! I’ll show it to your in details!

Any Mark

Burst Mode Burst Mode

The iPhone camera is quite good, but it can’t take pictures continuously. But thanks to this app, Burst Mode, this problem is solved! With Burst Mode you can take max 24 photos in 1 second. If you do it well you can take up to 250 pictures at once. That means that you can take pictures continuously without doing anything for 10 seconds! I don’t think there is any camera app that can beat this. It’s the app with the best continuous shooting function at the moment!

Let’s move on to the details!

Burst Mode


I’m going to review a puzzle game you play on top of a puzzle game, Cubetastic. You will have to lead the ball to the goal on top of a Rubik’s cube. Of course, you’ll have to twist and match the Rubik’s cube to create a path to the goal. There are more than 150 stages available, and there are lots of rules that make the puzzle even more difficult. It’s quite hard. I gave up after stage 15… If you play without thinking, it’ll just get even more confusing. You have to think logically to play this game. If you like puzzle games that make you think hard, I strongly recommend this game!


This physics puzzle game has a nice sound of glass breaking. Here’s Glass Tower 2!

Glass Tower 2 Glass Tower 2

There will be a pile of glass blocks in 2 colors on a platform. Try to avoid the red blocks from falling and tap the blue blocks to break them. After playing few stages, there will be items that’ll help you complete the stage, or help you increase the score. You can play until stage 15 for free. If you want to play other stages, buy the add-on. Since the first 15 stages are for free, why won’t you download and try it?

Glass Tower 2

GlassPong GlassPong

GlassPong is a game where you experience throwing a ping-pong ball into a glass. The game control makes you feel like you’re really throwing the ball, and the realistic graphics and sound makes you feel like you’re in a bar. The game is a time-attack game with a 60 seconds time-limit/stage. Now let’s move on to the review.


iDarkroom iDarkroom

It’s fun to use a photo filter that is randomly chosen, but it’s not that practical when you have a concrete idea of what you want to do with a picture. In that case, try this app, iDarkroom! You can not only edit photos with 60 different filters, but you can also combine few filters and make an original picture! I’ll show it to you in details.



For those who like to look at pictures and show pictures to others on their iPad, this is a great app! Here’s Pics – private albums, sort & transfer photos.

Pics – private albums, sort & transfer photos has very practical functions than the built-in photo app. You can do many things that the built-in app can’t do, for example you can create a new album, and share pictures using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by pressing just one button. There are no complicated settings to do either. The design is as good as, or better than the built-in photo app, and the animation is quite detailed too. If you’re not happy with the built-in app, why won’t you give this app a try? I’ll explain this app in details!

* The screenshot above was taken after purchasing the add-on.



I think it’s important to listen to the sound of Mother Nature and relax your soul once in a while. Here’s an app that I’d like you to try, iSonic Meditation. There are altogether 18 situations available. There’s the sound of snow silently piling, the sound of a lightning, the sound of waves, the sound of rain falling in the forest, the sound of a temple…Depending on the sound, there will be a simple piano sound added to the ambient sound. It’s really relaxing. This can be used as an alarm too, so if you’re interested, read the rest of the post!

iSonic Meditation

iTalk Recorder Premium iTalk Recorder Premium

The built-in voice recorder is easy to use and since it’s been present in iOS since the beginning it’s very stable…but the sound quality is not good. The app I’m reviewing today, iTalk Recorder Premium is an app that records sounds in a higher quality than the built-in voice recorder. How high is the quality then? Compared to the built-in voice recorder that compresses data in AAC format, iTalk Recorder Premium records sound in AIFF format without compressing data. Plus, the sampling rate is max 44100Hz! It’s mono but the sound quality is almost like a CD quality. If you use this app with an iPhone 4, you can even record it with a noise-cancelling function. I’ll review this app in details!

*To use this app with an iPod touch 3rd generation or higher, you’ll need to use a microphone as well.

iTalk Recorder Premium

Enjoy listening to internet radio. Here’s Muziic.

Muziic Muziic

Do you listen to music with your iPhone? Today’s app is an internet radio that is easy to choose stations and also allows you to watch related videos. It’s great that you can check the latest hits too! There’s a search function, so check out your favorite musicians. It’s too bad that it doesn’t work in the background, but why won’t you try it since it’s for free?


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